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IELTS Test Preparation

Everything you need to prepare for an IELTS test:

Enrol on to our IELTS Preparation Course:

Buy the official IELTS practice materials book and arrange an online mock test from the online IELTS shop.

Why choose our IELTS preparation courses?

  • They are affordable – on average £8.50 per hour
  • They are flexible – they are tailored to candidates’ needs and availability (with the possibility of having a personalised timetable e.g. mixture of mornings and evenings or focused on particular skills)
  • They take place at Hammersmith College, where you can book your test in person as well
  • All classes are taught by experienced teachers who completed an IELTS teacher training course at our centre
  • Classrooms equipped with hi-tech facilities to enhance your learning experience
  • Courses start every Monday

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